“When you work with Tom Fox it’s easy to feel inspired by his energy and creativity. He does so much more than just book the right bands. Somehow he’s able to holistically anticipate what will be successful and then makes it happen.”


-Andy Kinney, Slavic Village Development

Agumboot Arts is a festivals company. We produce independent music events and gather people in celebration around arts and innovation of all kinds. Every project is a partnership. When we take something on it’s because the thing you do gives us joy, and we want to be a part of sharing that with others.

We have expertise and relationships to effectively procure talent, promote, organize, and execute successful events. We also have a deep understanding of marketing and public relations with the skills and network to produce premium quality media.

Curious about what we could make together? Say hello@agumboot.com.


  • Event Planning: Events of all nature revolve around vision and budget. Working with a specific vision, Agumboot Arts can evaluate event plans and determine all costs and capabilities needed to execute an event. Additionally, we can make recommendations for event production to improve experiences and reduce costs. 
  • Programing & Booking: Speakers, artists, musicians and talent of all types can have varied availabilities and prices. Agumboot arts has an advanced understanding of talent procurement in Northeast Ohio, and national talent booking.
  • Audience Building:  This is our version of marketing strategy. It applies to marketing efforts of all nature to authentically connect brands, products, or services with people that will care about them. We develop plans, then execute public relations and marketing communications campaigns.
  • Media Production: Agumboot Arts produces graphic art, photo and video content for branding, promotional, and reporting purposes.