Agumboot  –  /ä/ɡəm/bo͞ot/ 
1. noun. The sound of celebrating, an ephemeral signal that guides travelers through onerous circumstance toward something beautiful.

Agumboot Arts is a music, media, and event production company with the mission of connecting emerging contemporary artists from around the world with the communities of Cleveland, Ohio. As a music curatorial house, Agumboot aims to produce world class independent festivals and serve as a contemporary music resource to the existing arts landscape in Northeast Ohio.

The vision is to create a multi-day summer music festival of national significance and produce many other socially and economically beneficial programs to foster a thriving music industry throughout Northeast Ohio.

“Our goal is to welcome non-market viable emerging artists to play in Cleveland. We’d like Cleveland to engage in extremely pro-artist culture and become among the most hospitable places for musicians to live and play in the country.”

Thomas Fox

Thomas Fox

The founder of Agumboot Arts, Thomas is a Cleveland native and has been a leader in the local music & arts community since 2010 when he co-founded Bad Racket Recording Studio and began development of Brite Winter Festival. He is currently the host of CreativeMornings in Cleveland, part of the international “Breakfast Lecture Series For The Creative Community.”

Through CreativeMornings, Thomas has gathered thousands of Clevelanders together for cross-discipline arts conversation, breaking down silos and fostering creative community growth since January 2015.

As Co-Chair, Director of Programming and Marketing of Brite Winter from 2010-2014, he engaged dozens of organizations across Northeast Ohio, booked and curated emerging artists from the eastern US, fostered sponsorship growth, and lead all marketing efforts to build the festival into a 20,000 attendee cultural phenomena. The results of his work on Brite Winter sparked reviews in comparison to festivals like SXSW and Bonnaroo.

As owner and studio manager of Bad Racket Thomas worked with nearly 200 artists to record music, and produced over 30 music videos from 2010-2013. He began his career in marketing, earning a BS in Business Administration from John Carroll University in 2008, followed by experience at in-house and agency marketing departments.